Pioneering Safety: Camp RZR Brimstone

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IMMI had a blast at Camp RZR Brimstone. The Polaris event, held for their trail riders in Huntsville, Tennessee, had it all. Thousands of riders enjoyed nightly concerts, Polaris demos, competitions, and exceptional service. Polaris appreciates their riders and it shows with events like these. There was something for everyone, and IMMI was honored to join in the fun as a Polaris partner.

Picture 2What we enjoyed most was showing off our new Click6 harness, and the reaction from riders was amazing. They loved how our harness gave them the protection they needed on the trails, but still allowed them freedom to move. Unlike other harnesses, the Click6 doesn’t strap you against the seat the moment you buckle up, making it hard for you to reach the dash or look out your door. You can move freely in the Click6 until you need it to keep you safe, and then it locks you securely in place. Easy to use, the Click6 offers six points of protection and one point of connection. When several riders confessed that they didn’t wear their seat belts as a general rule, but that they would wear the Click6 because it was so comfortable, that made our day.

picture 3We also demonstrated our CargoBuckle ratchet tie-down. Riders were impressed with how easy and fast it was to secure their Polaris with our product. With the money riders spend on their UTVs, they want the best tie-down available, and they found it to be CargoBuckle.

We’re grateful to Polaris for their increasing commitment to rider safety, and for inviting us to join them at Camp RZR East. A special thanks to all the riders and families that stopped by to experience the Click6. We had a great time talking to everyone, and we’re looking forward to meeting even more riders at Camp RZR West in Glamis, California from October 31-November 2. If you’re there, stop by and try out the Click6 for yourself. We’re giving away 1,000 t-shirts, so come by early before we run out!

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