A semi truck is shown crashing into CAPE's large barrier wall.

CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, is the only crash test facility of its kind in the world. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to help our clients improve their products through unsurpassed quality, credibility, responsiveness, and precise results. That’s what it means to be “CAPE Tested.” At CAPE, safety is our way of life.

We’re home to the biggest barrier block in the world, and we put it to good use. Just a few of the kinds of vehicles CAPE has crash tested include military equipment, motor coaches, school buses, commercial trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and a wide array of vehicles for motor sports. Big or small, CAPE has the expertise to crash test them all.

But we don’t stop there.

Unsurpassed Expertise. Precise Results.

A fire apparatus cab is shown on CAPE's 90-degree rollover impact machine.

Our facility specializes in large commercial vehicle testing. CAPE brings together advanced technology and specialized engineering expertise to provide customers with analytical information to support their most complex decisions.

Facilities and equipment are sized to handle an extremely broad range of test specimens from a single restraint system, such as a child seat, to a full size tractor/trailer vehicle.

When your product is “CAPE Tested” you know you’ll get the scheduling flexibility you want, and the custom testing you need. With premier equipment, superior service, and invaluable expertise, CAPE will help you make your products safer, and the best they can be.

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