Safely Get Where You’re Going in Style

You know seat belts save lives in an accident, and so do we, but most motorcoach seats don’t come equipped with lap-shoulder belts to keep you and your family as safe as possible. Ours do. It’s just part of our mission at IMMI to bring safety to people, including those riding in motorcoach buses.

Not only do you and your family deserve the added security IMMI’s Premier lap-shoulder belts provide, but our SmartFrame technology is designed to protect you from unbelted passengers in an accident. As you settle in and enjoy your trip in one of our luxury seats, rest assured our seat and seat belts have been CAPE Tested at our state-of-the-art crash test facility to meet the top standards in safety.

What Is Premier?

IMMI’s Premier, with lap-shoulder belts and exclusive SmartFrame technology offers improved seating safety for your entire family, from large adults to small infants.

  • Adjustable lap-shoulder belts with shoulder height adjusters accommodate children as small as 40 pounds, up to large adults.
  • For children under 4 years old and 40 pounds, Premier features a LATCH system for easily installing and securing child seats.
  • Mobility aid securement is safe, quick, and easy with slider-seats incorporating integrated restraint belts.

Why Premier?

Premier offers a higher level of seating safety versus conventional 3-point belted motorcoach seats. Adding belts to a single frame (normal design) seat doesn’t work. If the seatback is too weak, it will fold with the belted passenger in a frontal crash, eliminating compartmentalization for any unbelted passengers in the seat behind. If the seatback is overly rigid, it can create injuries for unbelted passengers.

CAPE tests show seats with a dual frame (SmartFrame) technology yield the lowest injury values for belted and unbelted passengers, compared to seats with single frame designs.