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IMMI’s Child Safety Expert Named to Manufacture Alliance Child Passenger Safety Hall of Fame

Longtime IMMI Market Development and Regulatory Affairs Manager Charles “Charlie” Vits was honored this week into the 2020 MACPS Hall of Fame.

IMMI SafeGuard Acquires SynTec Seating Solutions

IMMI, the trusted global leader of restraints and advanced safety products today announced it is acquiring SynTec Seating Solutions from Joyson Safety Systems. SynTec, located in High Point, North Carolina is the primary seating supplier for Thomas Built Buses.

NBC Today Show – Bus Crash Safety Test

NBC News investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen traveled to a commercial crash test facility to see what can happen when an accident occurs in a bus without seat belts, which aren’t required under federal law.

Good Morning America – What Parents Should Know About the Dangers of Side Impacts

Dramatic new crash test video reveals the importance of seat belts during side impact school bus crashes. ABC News captured the SafeGuard Side Crash Test at CAPE.

Calls to Upgrade to Lap-Shoulder Belts Just Got Louder

The list of national organizations making their support for lap-shoulder seat belts on school buses crystal clear continues to grow more impressive and harder to ignore. The NTSB is the latest to definitively add their name.

Indianapolis Public Schools Roll Out 100 New Buses with Seat Belts

In a proactive move to provide their students with the highest level of safety available, IPS, the largest school district in Indiana, rolled out the first of 100 new school buses outfitted with IMMI’s SafeGuard® lap-­‐shoulder seat belts for the media on Friday.

Indiana’s Largest School District Adds IMMI Seat Belts to School Buses

The Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners has announced plans to add 100 new, propane‐fueled school buses to their fleet next year.

NHTSA Recommends Seat Belts on School Buses

On Sunday, NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind announced at the annual NAPT Conference that NHTSA is recommending lap­‐shoulder belts on school buses.

IMMI Debuts “Groovy Bus” to Help Kids Buckle Up on Westfield School Buses

This past March, Westfield-Washington Schools announced that six local school buses used for field trips and away games would be retrofitted with lap­‐shoulder belts.