Working Hard to Keep You Safe

Two farmers pose for a picture in front of their tractor.

We know how hard you work, and we work just as hard to bring safety to you every day.

Our experienced team of engineers knows that the work our farmers, maintenance crews, and construction workers provide, are crucial to our daily lives. Our buckles, retractors, and restraints are designed to be as comfortable as they are rugged. CAPE Tested at our premier, state-of-the-art crash test facility, IMMI’s line of off-highway products help you stay safer while you get the job done.

Custom Restraints

IMMI offers extensive options for customizing occupant restraint systems for off-highway machinery. Machine operators deserve seat belt systems that are comfortable and easy to use.

  • Buckles – Available in 3, 4 and 5-point configurations
  • C2 Buckle – For the gloved operator with vents to allow dirt/debris to escape
  • Comfort Ride Products – Makes the seat belt more comfortable to encourage use
  • High-Visibility Seat Belt Webbing – Enables supervisors to monitor seat belt usage
  • Electrical Switch Options – Reminds operators to wear seat belts
  • Retractors – Spool webbing to keep belt clean and accessible
  • Anti-Cinch Retractors – Reduces cinching and provides cushioning for rough rides
  • Upper-Torso Restraints – Keeps occupants securely in their seats in a variety of crash scenarios