Pioneering Safety: Camp RZR Brimstone

Posted on: October 1st, 2014 by Rachael

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IMMI had a blast at Camp RZR Brimstone. The Polaris event, held for their trail riders in Huntsville, Tennessee, had it all. Thousands of riders enjoyed nightly concerts, Polaris demos, competitions, and exceptional service. Polaris appreciates their riders and it shows with events like these. There was something for everyone, and IMMI was honored to join in the fun as a Polaris partner.

Picture 2What we enjoyed most was showing off our new Click6 harness, and the reaction from riders was amazing. They loved how our harness gave them the protection they needed on the trails, but still allowed them freedom to move. Unlike other harnesses, the Click6 doesn’t strap you against the seat the moment you buckle up, making it hard for you to reach the dash or look out your door. You can move freely in the Click6 until you need it to keep you safe, and then it locks you securely in place. Easy to use, the Click6 offers six points of protection and one point of connection. When several riders confessed that they didn’t wear their seat belts as a general rule, but that they would wear the Click6 because it was so comfortable, that made our day.

picture 3We also demonstrated our CargoBuckle ratchet tie-down. Riders were impressed with how easy and fast it was to secure their Polaris with our product. With the money riders spend on their UTVs, they want the best tie-down available, and they found it to be CargoBuckle.

We’re grateful to Polaris for their increasing commitment to rider safety, and for inviting us to join them at Camp RZR East. A special thanks to all the riders and families that stopped by to experience the Click6. We had a great time talking to everyone, and we’re looking forward to meeting even more riders at Camp RZR West in Glamis, California from October 31-November 2. If you’re there, stop by and try out the Click6 for yourself. We’re giving away 1,000 t-shirts, so come by early before we run out!

Truck Safety Event

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Rachael

August 26, 2014
Westfield, IN

IMMI, the leading manufacturer of seat belts for all heavy, commercial trucks in North America, recently demonstrated the importance of seat belts and advanced safety equipment for truck drivers by crashing the cab of a large semi-truck head-on into the largest barrier block in the world. “We are committed to continually improving the safety of our nation’s truck drivers, and we were pleased to host nearly 200 safety-minded industry professionals at our event,” said Larry Gray, IMMI CEO. “Not only did we vividly demonstrate why it is vital for drivers to wear their seat belts, we also showed our RollTek side-roll protection system, which can better protect them in the worst kind of crash a truck driver can face – a rollover.”

This exclusive crash demonstration took place at CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation. Inside the truck were two test dummies – one wearing a seat belt and one without – to show what happens to truck drivers and passengers during a crash. Nearly 700 drivers/passengers lost their lives in 2012, of which, 34% percent of them were not wearing a seat belt (2012 FARS Data, U.S. Department of Transportation).

IMMI’s patented air bag system, RollTek, was also deployed in a separate demonstration concerning overturned trucks, which are the deadliest kind of accident for truck drivers. Out of all truck crash-related deaths, over 50% happen in a rollover.

IMMI goes the distance to protect our nation’s truck drivers. With inventions like Komfort Latch, 4Front, and RollTek, the only advanced side-roll protection system that protects drivers when their vehicle overturns, IMMI is also behind the Click, Tug, and Snug campaign, created to encourage seat belt use in the commercial trucking industry.

IMMI was also pleased to welcome 30 engineering students from Westfield High School, who witnessed the crash.

Check out more crash test videos on our YouTube page.

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SafeGuard: School Bus Safety 101

Posted on: August 9th, 2013 by Rachael

On Thursday, August 8, we hosted “SafeGuard: School Bus Safety 101” with our SafeGuard Bus Seating brand. Attendees were presented with the facts and misinformation surrounding school buses and seat belts, and then they were invited to witness a live school bus crash test into our CAPE facility‘s barrier wall.  The goal was to educate safety advocates, parents, school officials, and government officials on the safety benefits of the well-known yellow school bus as well as the issue of seat belts on school buses.

Is it time to put seat belts on school buses? After more than 50 years of the school bus industry lagging behind the safety restraint industry, ABSOLUTELY. In addition to this article, here’s an infographic that demonstrates why there are No More Excuses.

Over 100 people attended the event ranging from national transportation officials to parent-teacher organization members.   Each left the event with a new perspective on the issues and safety surrounding the school bus.  We live-tweeted the event on Twitter using the #BusSafety101 hashtag, so feel free to read through and catch up on what happened.




Seems like common sense to want seat belts on school buses, right? What’s stopping the safety trend? There are several forms of misinformation out there that we are dispelling.

MYTH #1. Compartmentalization (higher seat backs and extra seat padding) is enough to protect students in school buses.
“School buses are the safest form of transportation with many government manufacturing standards,” our Vice President James Johnson assured the guests. “But the current standards do not adequately protect students in the event of a side roll or a roll over crash event.”  Compartmentalization, in other words, does well when the school bus is in a frontal or a rear crash, but it has some huge safety weaknesses.

How glaring is the safety issue of a side roll/rollover crash in a school bus with out seat belts? Here’s a two videos to demonstrate the need for lap-shoulder seat belts to prevent serious injuries in these events.


Fact #1: Compartmentalization, while effective, is not enough protection for students on school buses.

MYTH #2: Seat belts on school buses slow down evacuations.

This simply isn’t true.  With over 200,000 of our seats in use today, we surveyed and interviewed students, bus drivers, transportation directors and board members. Drivers told us that even during an accident on their bus, it wasn’t the seat belts that slowed students downit was the bottleneck that occurred at the exit points (the rear door, front door, and window exits).

FACT #2: Seat belts HELP evacuations. An uninjured child will be quicker to evacuate than an injured one.

MYTH #3: Seat belts can be used as weapons on the school bus.

While this may have been true with the hold lap belts with heavy metal buckles, our seat belts are RETRACTABLE lap-shoulder belts. The seat belt webbing retracts into the seat back, and the buckles are lightweight making it virtually impossible for the seat belts to be used as weapons. Seat belts as weapons? It’s just not true anymore.

In fact, our customers have reported that the behavior on their school buses equipped with seat belts (and an enforced usage policy) has drastically improved. When students are required to stay seated and facing forward, it makes for a better behaved bus, less bullying, and increased safety.

FACT #3: Seat belts actually improve behavior in the school bus, and they CANNOT be used as weapons.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Check out this video in which bus drivers, transportation directors, and school officials describe their experiences with school bus seat belts.

Make-A-Wish Charity Corporate Golf Fundraiser

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by Rachael

IMG_6432On Tuesday, IMMI hosted a charity golf outing at Wildcat Creek in Kokomo,IN to benefit Jacob from Make-A-Wish. Jacob is also the son of one of our employees and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Until last week, he had been in isolation for almost 2 full years, so we were especially excited when he was able to join us for the after-game lunch!  His wish? To go to Disney World, of course!

The morning at the golf course started bright and early with volunteers arriving at 6AM for setup. Around 7:30, the corporate sponsors and competing teams arrived and each traded good-natured jabs about who’s team would come out on top!  With 19 teams of 4 people each, we had a stacked day full of great competition.  Each team was made of IMMI employees or IMMI suppliers, customers, and clients.


It was a scorcher of a day with temperatures in the mid-90s, but everyone had a blast. Hole 8 was specially designated the “Happy Gilmore” hole where golfers took running drives and putted with hockey sticks!


Putting Fred_4


The teams finished around 1:30PM and retired for a catered lunch and prize giveaway. As a special surprise, Jacob and his family arrived to celebrate the day with us!  He made a lot of new friends.




At the end of the day, we raised over $15,000 for Jacob. It was a tremendously successful day that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our volunteers, coordinators, sponsors and participants!