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IMMI Debuts “Groovy Bus” to Help Kids Buckle Up on Westfield School Buses

September 1, 2015, Westfield, Indiana ‐ This past March, Westfield-­‐Washington Schools announced that six local school buses used for field trips and away games would be retrofitted with lap-­‐shoulder belts. That retrofit is now complete, and the training for students on how to use the belts properly is underway.

Just a few of the Westfield Washington Schools’ students featured in IMMI’s “Groovy Bus” video.

A big component of this training is a video produced by IMMI, the Westfield business who manufacturers the SafeGuard lap­‐shoulder belts now on some of Westfield’s school buses. “Groovy Bus” was produced using Westfield children, teachers, parents, and locations with the purpose of teaching children how to properly buckle up on the bus in a fun and memorable way. Two Westfield High School video interns were instrumental in helping to schedule, shoot, and story‐board the video.

“IMMI is excited to provide a fun, catchy video featuring many of Westfield’s own to help Westfield‐ Washington schools train their students on this new, beneficial safety feature on their travel buses,” said Tom Anthony, president and owner of IMMI. “The district’s commitment to better protect children on these buses that often travel on the interstate at higher rates of speed is commendable and forward-thinking, and we’re proud to partner with them in this endeavor.”

The “Groovy Bus” song will also be given to other school districts that have SafeGuard lap­‐shoulder belts on their buses, so that they can put their own creative and unique production into it. You can watch the “Groovy Bus” video on YouTube using this LINK.

About IMMI

IMMI®, based in Westfield, Ind., is the leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems. IMMI produces hundreds of innovative products for various industries, including the school bus, commercial vehicle, fire/ambulance, child seating, military, off‐road, UTV, outdoor, and motorcoach industries. IMMI is also home to CAPE®, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, an award­‐winning crash test facility. Privately owned and operating facilities in North America, Asia and Europe, IMMI is dedicated to Bringing Safety to People® around the world.