STAR Products – FAQs

The following is a list of common questions about the STAR products. If you have additional questions, please contact customer service at or 877-447-2305.


1. How can I purchase SafeGuard STAR products?
STAR products can be purchased through any IMMI certified STAR distributor. For any other questions or concerns, call the toll free customer service number at 877-447-2305.

2. How much does the STAR cost?
For best pricing options and volume discounts, please contact a certified STAR distributor, or call the toll free customer service number at 877-447-2305 for more information.

3. Does the STAR require the use of lap belts or lap-shoulder belts?
The system was designed for use with school bus seats that are belted or unbelted.

4. What federal and state safety requirements do the STAR products meet?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for school buses and child restraints. The STAR meets and exceeds FMVSS 213 requirements for safety restraints on school buses. The STAR also meets requirements for Title 45, Part 1310 for Head Start Transportation.

5. Does the STAR meet Head Start requirements?
TheSTAR meets all applicable requirements of Title 45, Part 1310, sections 1310.10 and 1310.15.

6. Can the STAR products be used in regular vehicles?
STAR products are designed only for use in buses.

7. How soon can I get the STAR shipped to me?
Please contact a certified STAR distributor, or call the toll free customer service number at 877-447-2305 for shipping information.

8. What are the weight and height specifications for STAR products?
The STAR is designed, manufactured and tested for children 25-65 pounds and 57 inches tall. The STAR Plus is for children 25-90 pounds and 57 inches tall. The STAR Special Needs is for children 25-105 pounds and 57 inches tall. All three products support children with torso heights up to 20 inches tall.

9. How is the STAR installed?
Please review the footage on our YouTube channel or refer to the installation instructions provided with the product.

10. In what type of school bus seat can the STAR products fit?
STAR restraints fit all regular school bus seat manufacturers’ 24-inch low back and 28-inch high back seats. Lap belt ready (FMVSS 210) seats are not required to use with the STAR restraints (except in Indiana).

11. What is the expiration date on the STAR?
The STAR restraint system is considered to have a finite life and must be frequently inspected and replaced as needed. The service life of a STAR restraint is 6 years from the date of manufacture in accordance with JPMA standards.  Discontinue use of the STAR after that date. The date of manufacture can be found on the back of the lower portion of the cam wrap strap where it connects to the seat base.

12. Do I need the chest strap?
The chest strap is optional and is designed for use with special needs children who need additional upper body support to sit in the seat.

13. How do I clean the STAR?
Clean the webbing, gray padding and flexible seat base with a damp cloth using a mild soap solution and lukewarm water. The gray padding can be easily removed and machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low heat. Replacement pads are available by calling the toll free customer service number at 877-447-2305.

14. What should I do if my STAR is involved in a crash?
You will need to replace the STAR if it has been in a crash.

15. Can backpacks be worn when a child is restrained in a STAR?
Backpacks should never be worn by a child when riding in a STAR. The added weight could cause injury to the child in the event of a crash.


16. Which type of child restraint system is best for our special needs child?
The child’s physical therapist should decide what is best for the individual patient.

17. How many STAR Special Needs can I fit to a standard width bus seat?
The STAR Special Needs can fit two to a standard 39-inch bus seat .