4Front-Trusted Airbag Protection

4Front by IMMI is designed to protect firefighters in the most common type of accident – a head-on crash.

How it Works

When the sensor detects a frontal crash, it sends a signal to initiate three events to provide protection for the driver and/or first officer:

A test dummy is shown with a 4Front frontal airbag during a crash test.

  • Seat belts tighten around the driver and/or first officer to position them securely in their seats.
  • The suspension seats are pulled to their lowest position to increase survivable space in the cab.
  • The system inflates a steering wheel airbag to protect the head and neck of the driver, while inflating a knee bolster airbag to protect the first officer’s legs in a fire apparatus.

With these systems working together, the risk of death or serious injury in a frontal crash can be reduced.


4Front underwent extensive testing at CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, to ensure the quality, reliability and performance of each component in a variety of environmental conditions.

How to Buy

4Front is currently available through E-One, KME, and Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.

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