SafeGuard Will Not Reduce Capacity

Invented by IMMI, the SafeGuard FlexSeat resolves the capacity issue. FlexSeat safely transports three elementary school children or two high school students on a 39 or 45 inch seat.

  • Allows transportation directors to easily use the same buses for elementary, middle, and high school routes.
  • Maintains current unbelted seat rated capacity by offering seat belts for one, two, or three students in a seat with proper fit and geometry.
  • Contains SafeGuard’s SmartFrame technology, making transportation safer for belted and unbelted passengers.
  • Also available with two seat belts in 30- and 36-inch sizes.
  • CAPE Tested to meet or exceeds all government safety standards. 

IC Bus™ BTI Seating System

For the first time, at your discretion, you can retrofit a bus from standard seats to three point seat belts or to integrated child seats (ICS) by replacing just the seat back. And it’s available standard from IC Bus.

For more information, contact SafeGuard at (317) 867-84160.