Safety at Your Side

IMMI invented RollTek, the advanced side-roll airbag protection system to keep firefighters, soldiers, truckers, and paramedics safer in the worst kind of crash – a rollover. RollTek is custom engineered for each industry and has been extensively CAPE Tested to help turn what could be a fatal crash into a walk away event.

RollTek for Heavy Trucks, Military, and Fire Apparatus

A vehicle can overturn in an instant, that’s why RollTek deploys in a quarter of a second.


A roll sensor monitors the truck’s position, and when a rollover is detected, up to three RollTek components are deployed per seating position

  • Seat pretensioners keep the driver or front seat passenger securely in their seats
  • Suspension seats lower to increase survivable space in the cab
  • Side airbags deploy to cushion the head and neck


RollTek for Ambulance

RollTek, also available in the ambulance industry, deploys side airbags in a rollover to greatly reduce the potential for death or serious injury to EMS personnel riding in the patient compartment.


  • A roll sensor inside the vehicle continuously monitors ambulance stability
  • When a rollover is detected, the system deploys side airbags in all the seating positions where RollTek is utilized
  • Heads and necks of EMS personnel riding in the patient compartment are cushioned

More Information

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