The CargoBuckle G3 tie-down is featured.

With CargoBuckle You Hook, Ratchet, and Go!

Whether you’re hauling gear for work, or you’re heading out on a new adventure, CargoBuckle is ready in an instant when you need it, and neatly tucked away when you don’t. It’s perfect for securing everything from ladders to motorcycles, UTVs,  and even lawnmowers.


  • Professional grade
  • Retractable ratchet tie-downs
  • Easy to use – Just Hook, Ratchet, and Go!
  • Conveniently retracts out of your way
  • Weather resistant design
  • Longer, stronger, and more durable than any other ratchet tie-down
  • Permanently or temporarily mounts on your truck or trailer
  • Flush mount and ladder rack systems available

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