Safety that is ‘Smart’

IMMI designed SmartFrame technology for both school bus seats and motorcoach seats, with the understanding that drivers typically cannot ensure every passenger remains belted for the duration of every ride.

With SmartFrame technology, IMMI’s SafeGuard bus seats, are proven to deliver full compartmentalization protection to unbelted passengers in frontal crashes.SmartFrame Illustration

Other belted seats available on the market are designed with belts attached to a single frame, which will create one of two problems for unbelted passengers.

When the seatback is too weak, it folds with the belted passenger in a frontal crash, minimizing compartmentalization protection for any unbelted passengers in the seat behind. When the seatback is too rigid, it can create injuries for unbelted passengers seated behind.

Crash testing shows seats with dual frame (SmartFrame) technology yield lower injury values for belted and unbelted passengers, compared to seats with single frame designs.