Why Premier?

Premiere Seat

Premier offers a higher level of seating safety versus conventional 3-point belted motorcoach seats. Adding belts to a single frame (normal design) seat doesn’t work. If the seat back is too weak, it will fold with the belted passenger in a frontal crash, eliminating compartmentalization for any un-belted passengers in the seat behind. If the seat back is overly rigid, it can create injuries for un-belted passengers.

CAPE tests show seats with a dual frame technology yield the lowest injury values for belted and un-belted passengers, compared to seats with single frame designs.

What is Premier?

Premier, with lap-shoulder belts and exclusive SmartFrame technology offers improved seating safety for your entire family of passengers, from large adults to small infants.

  • Adjustable lap-shoulder belts with shoulder height adjusters accommodate children as small as 40 pounds, up to large adults.
  • For children under 4 years old and 40 pounds, Premier features a LATCH system for easily installing and securing child seats.
  • Mobility aid securement is safe, quick, and easy with slider-seats incorporating integrated restraint belts.