A Driving Force in Safety

IMMI's Komfort Latch is featured.

IMMI was the first company to develop and manufacture three-point seat belt systems for commercial trucks. Now, our truck restraints protect truck drivers and operators in every type of commercial vehicle available on the market today.

IMMI has driven innovation, leading the way with numerous technologies for commercial vehicle applications, including:

A truck driver buckles his IMMI bunk restraint.Bunk Restraints – Securely restrain a resting passenger, or your belongings, during a sudden stop or accident.

Komfort Latch – Relieves seat belt tension and promotes use.

Seat Belt Height Adjuster – Helps driver properly position the shoulder belt for increased comfort.

High visibility seat belt webbing is shown in various colors.High-Visibility Seat Belt Webbing – Enables the fleet and officials to quickly identify if drivers are wearing their seat belts.

L9 Buckle – Rugged latch for tough environments.

RLS-80 Retractor – Tuned to the unique ride of commercial vehicles to reduce lockups.

Electrical Switch Options – Reminds operators to wear seat belts.

Proper seat belt usage greatly increases the operator’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle and stay safely positioned in the event of a crash. Learn more about the right way to buckle up and how to encourage drivers to do so with IMMI’s Click, Tug, & Snug program.