Go from “Ow” to “Wow” with Click6

A UTV driver leans out of his door while wearing the Click6.

Whether riding in the desert or taking on bogs and muddy terrain in the woods, UTV riders love the comfort and enhanced safety of IMMI’s Click6 (patent pending). With six points of protection and one point of connection, our harness stands out from the rest. Unlike other UTV harnesses, this harness doesn’t hold you hostage against your seat. Never again will you have to unbuckle to reach something off the dash, or to look out your door to make sure you’ll miss an obstacle below. Click6 gives you freedom to move, while keeping you comfortably buckled up.


Click6 is featured on a Polaris seat.

Safety Shouldn’t Hurt

Currently available as an upgrade on the RZR 900 (2015 to present) and RZR1000 (2014 to present), our harness offers a more comfortable ride. It’s easier on your shoulders, and there is no more uncomfortable cinching with a 5-point restraint.

Fast and easy to buckle up, it’s even easier to wear. If you’re ready for some freedom while remaining safely buckled up, you’re ready for IMMI’s Click6.

Want to add your own? You can over at the Polaris RZR Accessories Shop!