IMMI Makes Good Car Seats Even Better

IMMI has been the gold standard of safety on child seats, and we’ve been doing it for decades. Child restraints are easier, more comfortable and more secure, thanks to the commitment and designs of our forward-thinking team.

IMMI was the first to design the 5-point harness for car-seats.  Today, we offer a wide range of harness systems that make child restraints comfortable for the child and practical for parents on the go. With one simple pull, 1Adjust tightens and properly adjusts the entire 5-point harness, offering the parent the assurance of knowing the child is secured each and every time.

IMMI’s 5-point harness systems include buckles, central adjusters, harness chest clips, T-bars and slides. Harness systems come in multiple designs and meet all applicable worldwide safety standards, including FMVSS 213, CMVSS 213, ECE R-44 and AS1754.


Buckles: Numerous options are available to connect and secure harness systems.

Central Adjusters: IMMI invented the A-Lok central adjuster more than 25 years ago and has sold more adjusters than any other company in the industry. Designed to use one-handed, central adjusters enhance the ease of use with our harness systems.

Harness Chest Clips: IMMI’s harness chest clips provide a secure fit, with several options available for branding and/or instruction. Standard two-piece or one-piece belt-positioning clips are available.

Retractors: Retractors, available for both child and infant seats, quickly and easily tighten the car seat with a small amount of pressure.

T-Bars and Sliders: Numerous options are available to connect and secure harness systems.

Top Tether Systems: IMMI’s top tether systems include tether adjusters, webbing, snap hooks, top tether slack indicators and adjuster/hook combos. They are designed to be more robust and easier to use than tilt lock adjusters.

Easier to Use

When car seat manufacturers choose IMMI’s child safety products, it shows in their NHTSA ease of use ratings. Ratings improve when a child is easily secured in the harness, the seat is easily connected to the vehicle, and the user is clearly instructed by labels and product instructions.

Our advanced restraint systems and safety components are engineered to address misuse, making car seats more practical for parents on the go. Our Latch Systems combine strength and user-friendliness and are designed to make car seat installation and removal easy.

With KwikLATCH, SafeGuard MiniConnectors fasten to vehicle LATCH anchors in seconds with an audible click. As the parent presses the child restraint into the vehicle seat, retractors lock it tightly in place – transforming an operation that used to require time and training into a task that can be accomplished in seconds with confidence.