No More Excuses

Two young girls buckled up in their SafeGuard lap-shoulder belts on the school bus.

Some will tell you children are safer without lap-shoulder seat belts on the bus, but that belief is outdated and untrue, and it could prove dangerous for a child in a serious accident. Our SafeGuard seats are not only designed to keep children safer, but they have the added day-to-day benefits of improving behavior, reducing bullying, and minimizing driver distraction.  When it comes to children’s safety, there are No More Excuses for keeping lap-shoulder belts off your child’s bus.

A Better Behaved Bus

A bully picks on another boy on the school bus.

It may sound like a dream, but SafeGuard lap-shoulder seat belts, along with an enforced usage policy, can make it a reality. One district installed lap-shoulder belts on their problem routes and saw their discipline improve 90-95%. Even the drivers who had doubts quickly became believers.

Lap-shoulder seat belts not only improve behavior and reduce driver distraction they can make a big impact when it comes to bullying.

Giving You Options

SafeGuard pioneered the design of lap-shoulder belts on school buses, and we continue to innovate ways to make installing them easier and cheaper. Available on more buses than any other manufacturer, our variety of flexible products will help any school district meet their transportation needs today and for years to come.

School Bus Seating

The SafeGuard line of school bus seating products is built on a common platform, with options that enable transportation departments to safely transport students of a wide range of sizes and needs. Our advanced protection technologies provide the security and behavioral benefits of lap-shoulder belts without reducing the capacity of your bus.

The SafeGuard Base Seat gives buyers full freedom to inexpensively equip their buses with versatile standard seating that can be exchanged to any type of belted seating in the future.
Now one size fits all. The SafeGuard FlexSeat resolves the capacity issue. FlexSeat safely transports three elementary school children or two high school students on a 39 or 45 inch seat.

Two young children are buckled up in their 5-point harnesses on a SafeGuard ICS (Integrated Child Seat).Integrated Child Seat

Available on Collins and Thomas buses, The SafeGuard ICS offers the security of a built-in restraint system with a 5-point harness for children 22 to 85lbs.

Two students are buckled up on the SafeGuard BTI seat.IC BUS™ BTI SEATING SYSTEM

For the first time, at your discretion, you can retrofit a bus from standard seats to three point seat belts or to integrated child restraint seats (ICS) by replacing just the seat back. And it’s available standard from IC Bus.

STAR Restraints

SafeGuard STAR restraints provide adaptable child safety for school bus transportation. The five-point restraint systems make the proper and safe transportation of pre-school, Head Start, and special needs children quick and easy. STAR restraints are intuitive and easy to use, safely securing and adapting to children of a wide range of sizes and needs.
The standard STAR is a 5-point, add-on restraint system that easily adjusts to provide a proper, secure fit for children 25 to 65lbs, up to 57 inches tall.
The SuperSTAR’s central adjust allows for one-pull tightening of the restraint system. Fits children from 25 to 90lbs.
STAR Special Needs offers the same protection as the standard STAR, with extra support accessories to accommodate children with a wide range of special health care needs.