Advancing Survivability

RollTek and our custom restraints hold tight to the men and women serving our country. Durable, dependable, and built to withstand the harshest conditions, IMMI’s military line of safety products are designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear, in the most rugged situations.

The United States military also turns to IMMI’s safety experts and our award winning, state-of-the-art CAPE facility to put their vehicles to the test. Every day, we work together to bring safety to our armed forces because our heroes deserve our very best.

A soldier hugs his daughter.

Holding on Tight

When your duty is to deliver, trust the foremost name in safety. From our air bag systems to restraints and vehicle testing, IMMI is a proven leader in protecting our armed forces.


With the RollTek side roll protection system, the men and women of our armed forces have a better chance to survive one of the worst kinds of crashes – a rollover. RollTek is designed to reduce injuries and to turn what could be a fatal crash into a survivable event.

When RollTek senses an impending rollover it deploys three components in a quarter of a second.

  • The seat belt pretensioner tightens, holding the occupant securely in their seat.
  • The seat is pulled to its lowest position to increase survivable space.
  • The side airbag inflates to cushion the head and neck on impact.

Custom Restraint Solutions

Working with military customers, IMMI innovates, develops, and manufactures restraint systems for our troops that are easy to use and comfortable to wear. Thorough CAPE Testing and durable construction means our products are designed for a longer field life and better endurance in the harshest conditions.

IMMI offers extensive options for customizing restraint harness components to meet the requirements of each military vehicle design. If your application requires upper torso restraint or integration with other vehicle safety systems, IMMI’s team of safety engineers specialize in developing systems to meet your needs.


  • Buckles: Available in 3, 4, and 5-point configurations
  • Severe-Duty Buckle: Allows dirt/debris to escape for the gloved operator
  • Comfort Ride Products: Makes the seat belt more comfortable to encourage use
  • High-Visibility Seat Belt Webbing: Enables visual monitoring of seat belt usage
  • Electrical Switch Options: Reminds operators to wear seat belts
  • Pre-Tensioning Mechanisms: Tightens restraints during crash
  • Severe-Duty Retractors: Designed and tested for harsh environments
  • Anti-Cinch Retractors: Reduces cinching and provide cushioning for rough rides
  • Upper-Torso Restraints: Keeps occupants securely in their seats in a variety of crash scenarios

Inflatable Safety Technology

IMMI’s team of safety engineers have developed extensive, specialized expertise in the development of occupant safety systems that incorporate airbags. We work with OEMs and supplier partners to determine airbag parameters and placement within each vehicle, carefully studying impact points from every angle before arriving at a solution that will provide increased protection for the occupant of that particular vehicle.

Cape Testing

While designing individual products for military equipment manufacturers, IMMI engineers quantify performance through ride testing and application analysis. Seat belt systems are tested beyond regulatory requirements, enabling IMMI to deliver dependable, high quality safety systems to its military vehicle customers.

At CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, engineers test occupant restraint systems to meet most international standards, including FMVSS 209, FMVSS 302, SAE J386, ISO 6683, SAE J2292, and applicable military standards.