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Whether it’s a rollover on a narrow road, or a crash with a truck or car, IMMI creates products that give our first responders a better chance of walking away from an accident. Our safety systems are designed to be hassle-free, comfortable, and to save precious time while still keeping firefighters and other first responders safe. We believe the men and women who rush in to save us deserve to be protected at every turn. First responders are there for us, and we, at IMMI are there for them.

A firefighter stands on the side of a fire apparatus.

Blessed to Protect Those Who Protect Us

At IMMI, we feel blessed to protect the men and women who protect us. They inspire our team of engineers to not only create new products, but to rigorously test those products at CAPE, our state-of-the-art crash test facility, to ensure they meet, and often exceed, the highest standards for safety.

  • ROLLTEK – Because they are top heavy, fire apparatus are prone to rollovers, one of the most serious kinds of accidents. That’s why more and more fire departments want their trucks equipped with RollTek. When RollTek senses an impending rollover in an emergency vehicle, it works in the blink of an eye to offer the driver and passengers increased security. First, the system tightens every seat belt to keep first responders securely in their seats. Second, RollTek pulls down the suspension seats to the lowest position to increase survivable space. Finally, side airbags in every outboard position deploy to reduce head and neck injuries. With motor vehicle crashes being the second leading cause of line-of-duty deaths for firefighters, concerned fire chiefs across the country are turning to RollTek to offer their men and women the protection they deserve.
  • 4FRONT – 4Front is designed to protect firefighters in the most common type of crash, a head-on collision. In moderate to severe crashes, frontal airbags can mean the difference between life and death. When 4Front senses a collision, it tightens the seat belts around the driver and the first officer. It then pulls down the suspension seats to increase survivable space. Finally, it inflates a steering wheel airbag to protect the head and neck of the driver, while inflating a knee bolster airbag to protect the first officer’s knees. 4Front can give firefighters a fighting chance in a head on collision.
  • SMARTDOCK –  When seconds count, you don’t want to waste them fighting with your gear. With SmartDock the preferred, hands-free SCBA holder for firefighters, there are no straps or levers to slow you down. In a collision, the top claws clamp down, preventing the SCBA from becoming a projectile. Engineered to fit most SCBAs, SmartDock can also be retrofitted to a wide variety of seats.
  • READYREACH – Heavy gear worn by first responders often makes it difficult to buckle up. The hassle often discourages use and puts firefighters at risk. ReadyReach is the solution. Easy to see, and easy to use, ReadyReach allows firefighters to grab their seat belts and buckle in one-handed. The nation’s largest fire department was so impressed with ReadyReach they awarded IMMI a special commendation for safety, and outfitted their entire fleet with ReadyReach to better protect the men and women of the FDNY.
  • TIE-DOWNS – Fire boats, ATVs, and utility vehicles help fire departments respond to alarms in all kinds of environments, from water emergencies to off-road distress calls. In a job where seconds can save a life, they need their gear to be quick to launch and easy to transport. With CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle, fire departments have fast, convenient tools that are there when they need them and out of the way when they don’t. No loose straps to fumble with or lose, CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle mount on trucks, trailers, ladder racks, and in various other applications, making them available in an instant. Emergency responders simply hook, ratchet, and go.