For Safety – This Is How We ‘Roll’

The saying, “Go big or go home,” could not have been more apt for a recent IMMI undertaking. Determined to get the word out about RollTek, the only rollover protection system designed to protect truck drivers in the deadliest kind of crash they can face, IMMI decided to show the world how well the system worked in a real world crash. So on a sunny May day, on an old World War II airfield in Converse, Indiana, we did just that.

This wasn’t the first time IMMI had performed such a test, but it was the first time we’d done it for the public. CAPE, the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation, is one of the only teams in the world with the ability to conduct this type of crash test demonstration, and we’re fortunate they work with us. The demonstration was a huge success, wowing industry leaders and drivers who were on hand to witness this once in a lifetime safety event.

More than 50% of truck driver deaths occur in rollovers. RollTek is proven in the field to improve the driver’s (or passenger’s, if so equipped) chance to walk away, and RollTek is the ONLY rollover protection available for the driver. It does not come standard. Fleets must ask for it to ensure their drivers have the best protection available.

If you’d like to see how RollTek works, check out, or watch it in action during our rollover event below. The video is pretty spectacular, and we think you’ll see why RollTek could save a driver’s life.


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