Four points of protection. One point of connection.

When you’re saving lives, don’t forget to protect yours. A common reason for EMTs not using their seat belts is ease of use. EMT’s need the freedom to move when caring for a patient.

Introducing IMMI’s exclusive Per4Max® Controlled Decelerator – the newest innovation in 4-point restraints. With a special webbing, the Per4Max absorbs energy and slows deceleration, which can reduce the chances of serious injury.


In addition to the Controlled Decelerator technology, IMMI’s Per4Max features:

  • One buckle for easy on and quick egress.
  • A 4-point retractor system allowing for a quick fit and clean storage when not in use.
  • A fully retractable system allowing for freedom of movement.

Whether it’s a rollover on a narrow road, or a crash with a truck or car, IMMI designs products that give our first responders a better chance of walking away from an accident. Our safety systems are hassle-free, comfortable, and save precious time while protecting EMTs and other first responders.