Just Hook, Ratchet, and Go!

Don’t waste your time when you could be out enjoying the great outdoors. IMMI’s safety experts invented CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle tie-downs with you in mind. All you have to do is hook, ratchet, and go!

Weather resistant, durable, and strong, CargoBuckle and BoatBuckle secure your recreational vehicles or gear in seconds.


Water drips from a BoatBuckle tie-down attached to a trailer that has just emerged from a lake after launching a boat.

BoatBuckle: The strongest and most convenient transom tie-down available. Installation is quick and easy and there are no tangled straps to fuss with or lose. With BoatBuckle, you can spend a lot more time on the water, and less on the ramp.



CargoBuckle tie-down is featured securing a Polaris RZR to a trailer.

Whether you’re hauling gear for work, or you’re heading out on a new adventure, CargoBuckle  is ready in an instant when you need it, and neatly tucked away when you don’t. Great for securing everything from ladders to motorcycles and UTVs, CargoBuckle  is longer, stronger, and more durable than any other ratchet tie-down.