Work Hard. Play Harder.

Whether you’re riding in the desert or tackling challenging bogs and rocks in the woods, IMMI encourages you to buckle up every time you climb in your UTV. Firefighters, commercial truck drivers, and our nation’s military have long relied on the protection of IMMI’s seat belts, and UTV riders can do the same. With our products, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to stay safe.

Go From “Ow” to “Wow” with Click6

Can you lean like this in your current harness?

Can you lean like this in your current harness?

With six points of protection and one point of connection, the Click6 harness stands out from the rest. Unlike other UTV harnesses, Click6 doesn’t hold you hostage against your seat. Never again will you have to unbuckle to reach something off the dash, or to look out your door to make sure you’ll miss an obstacle below. Click6 gives you freedom to move, while keeping you comfortably buckled up.

Click6 Silver Seat

Patent Pending

Fast and easy to use, Click6 is even easier to wear. If you’re ready for some freedom while remaining safely buckled up, you’re ready for IMMI’s Click6.

Click6 can be mounted on the following models as an aftermarket accessory purchase through Polaris:

  • RZR1000 2014 to present
  • RZR 900 2015 to present

To buy yours, head over to the Polaris RZR Accessories Shop!



Watch the Click6 in action in the video below:


T/RailSay Goodbye to Seat Belt Neck Rub

Another way IMMI takes the UTV experience from Ow to Wow is IMMI’s T-Rail. Available on the 2016 RZR1000, T/Rail is the first and only seat belt height adjuster for UTVs.

With T/Rail you can say goodbye to seat belt neck rub. A breakthrough in comfort, the T/Rail is not only a seat belt height adjuster but also a shock absorber for your shoulder. Be safe and be comfortable with IMMI’s T/Rail.



Secure Your UTV with the Most-Trusted Tie-Down

CargoBuckle Product

Whether you’re heading out on a new adventure or hauling gear for work, CargoBuckle is ready in an instant when you need it, and neatly tucked away when you don’t. It’s perfect for securing UTVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and more!


  • Easy to use – Just Hook, Ratchet, and Go!
  • Retractable ratchet tie-downs
  • Conveniently retracts out of your way
  • Weather resistant design
  • Longer, stronger, and more durable than any other ratchet tie-down
  • Permanently or temporarily mounts on your truck or trailer
  • Flush mount and ladder rack systems available