Safety at Your Side

A truck drivers puts on his IMMI seat belt.

IMMI understands that accidents can happen between highway 20, and the home 20. On the road, at rest, or even in the middle of a rollover, our safety systems are designed to reduce injuries, and give the driver a better chance to walk away from all kinds of accidents, from minor fender benders to more severe frontal and rollover crashes.

We know that behind every driver is a family who wants him to come home safely. That’s why we CAPE Test our protection systems at our state-of-the-art crash test facility to ensure they meet the highest standards for safety.

Safety for the Long Haul

IMMI was the first company to develop and manufacture three-point seat belt systems for commercial truck drivers, and we continue to design advanced safety systems that are comfortable and convenient to use, while also keeping them safer.

A test dummy's head rests against a RollTek airbag after a rollover test. ROLLTEK – RollTek is specifically designed to offer advanced protection in a rollover accident, potentially turning what could be a fatal crash into a walk away event. In the blink of an eye, RollTek senses an impending rollover and tightens the seat belt. The suspension seat is pulled to its lowest level to increase survivable space. Finally, the side airbag deploys to cushion the head and neck. RollTek gives the driver a better chance to make it home.

4Front – 4Front was created to the driver in the most common type of crash, a head-on collision. In moderate to severe crashes, frontal airbags can mean the difference between life and death. When 4Front senses a collision, it tightens the seat belt around the driver. It then pulls the suspension seat down to increase survivable space. Finally, it inflates a steering wheel airbag to protect the head and neck.

BUNK RESTRAINTS – Designed to keep a resting passenger, or belongings, better restrained during a sudden stop or crash.

CUSTOM SAFETY BELTSThe IMMI Komfort Latch is shown. The device relieves shoulder belt tension to help promote truck driver seat belt use.

  • Komfort Latch – Relieves shoulder belt tension to help promote driver use
  • Seat Belt Height Adjuster – Helps the driver properly position the shoulder belt to make it more comfortable
  • High-Visibility Seat Belt Webbing – Makes it easier for fleets and officials to see if drivers are wearing their seat belts
  • L9 Buckle – A rugged latch built to hold up in tough environments
  • RLS-80 Retractor – Tuned to the unique ride of commercial vehicles to reduce annoying lockups
  • Electrical Switch Options – Reminds operators to wear their seat belts